Help and Suggestions

Here are a few helpful hints and suggestions to help you plan your first wedding dance.

‘Your Song’

When choosing your first wedding dance song remember it is your own personal choice. Most couples will select a romantic ballad, but you can choose an upbeat track if you prefer and sometimes this is easier to dance to. Always listen to the words of the song and ensure they reflect how much your special day means to you.

A track that is two to three minutes long is generally a good idea and it is usually better to do a simple routine well rather than struggle through a lengthy complicated routine.

The right song might not come to mind straight away, so start thinking as soon as possible. Remember your first wedding dance song will stay in your memory forever and your song selection is an important part of your wedding day. You may want to consider some of the song ideas on our site.

Your Music

Once you have chosen ‘your song’ then you need to decide if you should use a pre-recorded version of the track, or if you have engaged a live band or singer, whether they should perform it for you.

Pre-recorded versions are the most popular option as you will have had the opportunity to practice to the track. However, if you have a live band playing, prior to the event make sure they are able to play the correct version of the song. Always check with your DJ to ensure the pre-recorded version is the same as the one you have and can be played through their sound system, don’t just leave it to chance.

Your Routine

Taking to the dance floor for your first wedding dance can be quite nerve-racking and daunting, but it needn’t be. With just one dance lesson you can pick up simple moves and if you want to surprise and impress your family and friends then with a few extra lessons you can build up a short unique routine. You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can teach you a few basic steps.

Always think about the size of the dance floor at your venue and ensure your routine will fit comfortably in the room. Keep in mind your wedding outfits and try to practice when you can.

On the day make sure the photographer knows when you will perform your first wedding dance. If you have any special moves or highlights to your dance routine make sure the photographer knows where they will appear to guarantee the best photographs.

Your Outfits

Your first wedding dance will seem different when you are in your wedding dress and suit. If you have a long dress, it may help if you stand a small distance apart and if you have a train on your dress, it would be sensible to have it pinned or secured up so it doesn’t get in the way. If you forget to make any adjustments to your outfits simply use your left hand to lift the skirt at the side and you will be fine.

And Finally, Have Fun!

The most important part of your first wedding dance is to ensure you both enjoy the whole experience. Have fun and enjoy your first wedding dance!

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