Social Dancing Testimonials

John and Carol “We thoroughly enjoy the Monday afternoon tea dances at Scholes. Steven is an excellent MC – good-humoured and so welcoming. His relaxed style ensures everyone feels comfortable and as a result there is always a friendly, happy atmosphere. Steven has a superb music library – listening to the music is enjoyable but dancing to it is even better. The tracks are varied and sometimes surprising but always suit the dance perfectly. Scholes village hall has had a makeover since we first started attending and is now a very pleasant venue. Occasionally, Steven teaches us a new dance – his pace is ideal for the group and it is always fun. We also look forward to the social dance breaks that Steven and Helen organise.”


Chris and Catherine “We would highly recommend Steven’s Monday afternoon tea dances at Scholes Village hall. He MCs it with good humour and a very pleasant manner. One of things we like  most is his choice of music. He chooses all the popular dances, calling them out if necessary for new dancers, and will occasionally introduces a new dance which he teaches in a very easy to follow manner.”